The People's Welfare Charitable Trust (which translates to "Idara Khair ul Khalq" in Urdu ) is a charitable non-profit organization started in 2012. The organization was started by a group of philanthropists with a goal of serving the people of Kashmir, protecting and educating the girl child, increasing levels of literacy in women, and providing medical care to the needy. A group of diverse professionals, humanitarians, educationists, and others have gotten together to provide financial support, logistic support, and expertise as physicians, lawyers and engineers to memorialize the respect and love we feel for our beloved Vakeel Sahib and his beloved daughter who provided the inspiration for the beginning of this humanitarian enterprise.

Kashmir Flood update

The recent floods in Kashmir Valley have ravaged the populace. Starting on September 7th and aggravated by torrential rainfall and unusual levels of snow melt, the floods extended to a huge part of the valley inundating houses, crippling infrastructure, killing more than 200 people and producing devastation on an unprecedented scale. More than 200,000 people were rescued from their homes including 87,000 in the capital city of Srinagar alone. There are no historical weather records of such a flood in the area leaving unprepared government services overwhelmed and more than 3000 villages across the state in dire need of assistance. Hospitals have been shut down and are working at minimum capacity. This weather event has been dubbed the Hurricane Katrina of Kashmir. The response of state and federal governments has been grossly inadequate and people are suffering for lack of shelter, food and medications. Idara Khairul Khalq has been trying to organize humanitarian assistance to needy people across the valley. We need your assistance in terms of donating and volunteering. Donations will be used solely for providing relief such as clean drinking water, medicines, food, and other emergency supplies to the affected people. Please donate generously to help all those in crises and contact us at Any donation, big or small, is equally welcome and will go a long way in providing succor to the needy and desperate in this time of great need.
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Kashmir Flood photos:

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Our goals at Idara Idara Khairul Khalq are many; our greatest focus being the welfare of the girl child and we intend to carry this out with the utmost sincerity and dedication.


■ To provide direct and immediate humanitarian assistance, including food and non-food items, and cash assistance where necessary for the survival of the needy.

■ Providing educational support to the children of illiterate families and ensuring that they are set on the path to upward mobility.

■ Relief during natural disasters.

■ Provide medical care and support to the underprivileged who usually suffer from malnutrition, infectious disease, and crippling disabilities.

■ Working at minimal administrative costs thus ensuring every penny donated goes to those in need

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This trust was proposed and started by sons, daughters, grandchildren, friends and other family members in loving memory of the late Vakeel Sahib and his daughter late Sugra Begum. Late G Mohammad Ali advocate, known as Vakeel Sahib was a noted humanitarian and lawyer in Srinagar. He was loved by the community for his down to earth attitude, sense of genteel wit, a charitable bent of mind within his own means and an intense urge for the education of the community, in particular of women and girls. He educated his sisters and daughter's against the intense opposition of his own community and friends. This was in a time when woman had very little rights or opportunities for education. Vakeel Sahib was entrusted with the drafting of the constitution of Kashmir Education Trust with Late Mohammad Raza Baba, Late Syed Asadullah Shah, Late Professor Syed Asadullah, Mirza Mahmood and others. This is to mention a few names and there were many other prominent persons in the community who were involved in this effort.

Later Vakil Sahib was involved in the formation of the cooperative of Papier Mache workers when the trade was under severe stress and the artists of the community were barely able to make ends meet. Prominent members of the cooperative included the Late G M Sadiq, who later became the Prime Minister of Kashmir, and also Late Shyam Lal Saraf who was an erstwhile cabinet colleague of Mr. Sadiq as well as many others succeeded in the upliftment of the Papier Mache community in acute distress.

Late G Mohammad Ali was working as legal advisor of then Mahaz-e-Rajshumari and would plead the cases of poor workers voluntarily and free of cost. Late Mohammad Afzal Beigh also patronized Vakeel Sahib. Beigh Sahib, being a senior and esteemed advocate would oversee the work of Vakeel Sahib. Subsequently, the Mahaz-e-Rajshumari was converted into National Conference Party and the first municipal elections took place in Srinagar in 1972 under the tutelage of the legendary Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. Vakeel Sahib fought the election from the Habba Kadal Constituency. He got elected with the majority vote and later as first president of Srinagar Municipal Council. "G Ali" as he was affectionately known, worked honestly and in a dedicated manner and refused the use of government provided conveyance to help keep expenses down for the Municipal council. He would prefer to use public transportation while commuting for work even though he was eligible for a chauffeured vehicle. His contribution for helping the downtrodden janitorial staff as president of SMC was a bold initiative taken by him and the community living in the Hariparbat area still remember him.

Late Sugra Begum
Late Sugra Begun, daughter of Vakeel Sahib was a pioneer in girls education and obtained her Bachelors in Education in 1956 from the University of Kashmir, inspite of strong resistance from her grand parents and other members of the community as women's education was considered to be an act that would lower the dignity of the family. Vakeel sahib was her major supporter in this and he brought upon himself the displeasure of his elders. Later, Sugra Begum joined the Department of Education in the state of Kashmir and worked as a headmistress under the guidance and patronage of Late Begum Zaffar Ali. Her belief and sincerity in serving the people resulted in stints in remote and rural areas of Kashmir. She served in Doda and other remote districts such as Bandipora and worked consistently to improve the educational standards of her community. She had a kind heart and a humane approach. This included helping students to pay for their fees, books, uniforms etc. Sugra would also provide assistance to poor families in her own subtle way. She was loved by her father who had a special relationship with her and was the beloved of the whole family because of her kind heart and giving spirit.

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For issues related to flood relief please contact


Please donate generously.
Bank Account Information:
HDFC Bank (HDFC bank branch locator)
Alamgari Bazaar Branch, Srinagar,
Jammu &Kashmir. India. 190011.
A/C NO: 50200013079568

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Office Address:
Akmal Bridge,
Nallabal Nowshera,
Srinagar, Kashmir, 190011.

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْم

Medical Camps

Medical camps were held at Gulshan Bagh and Habbak.

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Medical camp held at Gulshan Bagh
July 2013

The first ever medical camp organized by IKK was held at Gulshan Bagh area of Srinagar. The population of this neighborhood is medically underserved. The camp was a success with comprehensive medical evaluations completed for infants and adults by several physicians associated with our organization including Dr. Jamshid Ali, Dr. Seemab Rasool, and Dr. Masooma Rizvi. Free medications were distributed to the needy, referrals made for immediate care and wellness checks done for children. The response to the camp was enthusiastic and beyond our expectations.

Medical Camp
Medical camp held at Pangkherwari, Habak
August 2014

Given the great success of our first camp we decide to organize an even larger event with doctors from several different specialties. Several hundred people were provided services. The camp was conducted in Pangkherwari neighborhood of Habak, which lacks even a basic medical center, and there was a strong response. We were able to distribute substantial amounts of antibiotics, iron and vitamin supplements, insulin supplies for diabetics as well as analgesics and dermatological care. The people of Pangkherwari were very appreciative and we plan to organize more such events in medically underserved areas.

Minutes of Meeting
12 July 2013

Venue: Residence of Dr Afzal H Khan, Qamar wari, Srinagar

Er Mahboob Ali, Er Nissar Hussain, Dr Jamshid Ali

The need for providing supports to the needy and guidance to deserving students of the community was discussed. Besides making a generous contribution to IKK, Dr Afzal H Khan agreed to be a board member of this trust.
Dr Afzal Sahib was requested to send a photo of our late Phoopha, Jenab Ghulam Mehdi khan Sahib R/O Naidyar, Hassanabad, Sgr to be updated on the website along with his brief biography, which he agreed to send through email.
The necessity of organizing guidance cum finance cell for intelligent students for various competitive courses with India and abroad was discussed and agreed upon. Besides, the ailing who needs treatment in or outside the state need to be provided professional advice and other relevant information, keeping in view expenses and logistics involved that trust could possibly provide.
The selection of son of our kin son of Haji Hakim Iftikhar under PM’s Udhaan Scheme and campus selection for employment was an instance to serve as a motivator for others. There are no takers for benevolent schemes from Central Govt for lack of information.
During his interaction with certain students in Idara Fallah Aam Sgr, Er Nissar Hussain found a boy of modest means, who out of his initiative did his MBBS in China. Other aspects like training students for bank exams, KAS, IAS, and Para Medical training in valley were discussed.

Meeting Minutes - Mandibal Sgr :

Er Nissar Hussain, Dr. Zaffar Ali, Dr. Hina Ali.
Date: 10May 2012

It was suggested by the family members of late G. Mohd. Ali that we should create a welfare trust in memory of late G. Mohd Ali and his daughter late Sugra Begum.

It was decided in principal to launch the trust.
Dr. Zaffar Ali suggested that a formal draft for the trust should be formulated after the proposed spinal surgery of Er. Nissar Hussain.
The focus areas of the trust will be to help the needy the sick and students.
It was proposed that all the children and grandchildren of late G. Mohd Ali should be contacted so that they can contribute and become members of the proposed trust.
It was proposed that we should contact family members of G. Mohd Ali via emails.
Tributes were paid to late G. Mohd Ali advocate known for his humble contributions to charitable and educational institutions. Tributes were also paid to late Sugra Begum Known for her contribution in the field of education and charity.

Follow Up Of the 1st Meeting:
The following draft was mailed to the family members of G Mohammad Ali:

In the name of God The Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful
Asalamualyum to every one.For quite some time we have been seriously thinking of setting up a trust in the name of our Grand Father, Late G Mohd Ali to help the needy.The trust could also include a corpus in the name of our beloved Sugra poophi to help sick patients.
All the family members of G Mohamad Ali would be members of the trust and we would try to make it self sufficient.We want suggestions from all the Children and Grand Children of G Mohamad Ali before we proceede further.

Proposers :
Er Nissar Hussain
Dr Zaffar Ali
Er faiz Ali
Dr Hina Ali
Dr Seemab Rasool
Dr Jamshid Ali

The following family members were emailed:
Asif Ali , zafali , Faiz Ali ,, Shuja Ali , Shabnam Naheed , gazalla liaqat , Bhaijan Ndl , Mahboob Ali ,, mercurial72 , seemab rasool
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
Bhaijan Ndl ,
It was decided to forward the email to Saima Sajad D/o Sajad Ali Wani

The response from Dr Gazala Safdar D/O late Sugra Begum:

Jul 5 2012 *

Dearest Jamshed
Salam Brillliant idea your dad talked to me about it PLEASE include my name in I will do all i can to help

The response from Er Anwar Mir S/O late Sugra Begum:
brilliant, consider me included, i do what ever i can in my personal capacity

Meeting Minutes - Faridbad Haryana

Er Nissar Hussain, Er Faiz Ali, Dr. Jamshid Ali.
Date: 18 Sep 2012

Allhamdullilah now that Er. Nissar Husain’s surgery has been completed successfully it was proposed that we should formally name the trust
We are proposing following name for the trust : “Idara Khairul Khalk”
To start collecting funds for the running of the trust, a token amount of Rs 30000(thirty thousand), Rs 10 000(ten thousand only) contributed by each attendee, will be deposited provisionally in Jammu and Kashmir Bank , Residency Road Account: Ac no 45800SB.
An office has been temporarily created at Mandibal till further arrangements are made.
The office work for the time being will be performed by Er Mahboob Ali at Srinagar subject to his approval.
A permanent bank account of the trust account shall be opened after completion of all formalities.
Mission statement shall be communicated to all concerned.


There have so far been 3 rounds of aid distribution by IKK in response to the historical floods in Kashmir Valley. The first one was on October 13th 2014 with distribution of food rations including packets of rice, flour, cooking oil, soap, and towels to 55 destitute families in the village of Botu, Nawgam. At that time flood waters were still present in the fields, homes were unreconstructed, and federal and state aid had not reached areas of tremendous devastation. Here are some pictures from this visit.

A second larger distribution was made to 50 families of Naugam village on November 9th 2014 and pictures from this are seen below. Given the early onsent of winter, IKK was able to distribute 80 fleece blankets which were an urgent requirement. In addition, we were able to provide food rations (rice, flour, cooking oil) for a large number of the village population. Conditions on the ground remain quite fragile and most houses in the village are not habitable. A few families have managed to obtain tents and are living in the open. Schools have not been able to reopen and hunger and poverty abounds.

The third round of aid distribution has involved an effort to get children from the villages back into education. Towards this end the trust has hired 5 teachers who will be providing education to the children of the village during winter and ensure that the students do not fall behind in their learning. Traditionally schools are closed in Kashmir during winter. IKK will also be supplying them with relevant textbooks and teaching supplies as needed. School buildings are in a shambles and lessons will be provided in rooms rented by trust.
Shelter remains the biggest hurdle and there are just not enough resources to provide even basic living facilities to the families. We anticipate this will get worse as winter progresses. The first heavy snow fall could foretell tragedy for the people of Nawgam.

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